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Thu Jul 18th, 2024, 1:26 AM

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Hawaii Voter Database
HiVoter.com is a database management solution supporting voter contact in political campaigns.

HiVoter.com provides voter records with names, addresses, phone numbers and voting history. It helps keep track of email addresses, address updates and non-voting supporters.

Searches are intuitive. HiVoter.com helps lower mailing costs by making it easy to tailor mailings. Superior householding efficiency reduces duplicate mailings.

Mailing labels and pre-addressed post cards to voters can be printed directly from your browser. Excel and other outputs can be tailored.

Special formats for walking lists, canvassing, phone banking and friend-to-friend binders are produced easily. Formats designed specifically for telephone voter ID and door-to-door voter ID are also available. Barcoding makes recording categorical responses quick and avoids mistyping.

HiVoter.com has more features to help increase voter contact, reduce communication costs and manage your campaign.

Click for more information or email rich@hivoter.com. HiVoter.com is a project of Guide.Net, Inc.


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